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Bespin DLC

Hey guys,I know that everybody is playing SWBF2 but you guys that still play SWBF can you help me?I really want to complete the achievments and hutt contracts so can someone please add me to complete that?Thanks guys :D


  • My gamertag is: mbplaysgames123 :smiley:
  • YodaYoda
    1 posts Member
    edited April 2018
    Are you on PC? If so, I'll help you.
  • Xbox man,thanks for the reply :smile:
  • YodaYoda wrote: »
    Are you on PC? If so, I'll help you.

    If you are from Europe or nearby and you have the expansion packs (all of them) add me.

    I'm triying to create a group of players to start these matches.

    My nickname on Origin is: jmoyano92

    PC player.

  • YodaYoda wrote: »
    Are you on PC? If so, I'll help you.

    My twin girls and I are looking to earn the hutt contracts. If you are on anytime in SWBF1, I'd like to friend up with you so we could play. Same team or opposite. Either works for us. We aren't great, but love to play and have fun.
  • Add me. Fox_Smuuu for bespin sabotage etc. You can write bespin for message so i know its someone who wants to play. Want those hutt contracts done also.
  • Hi, I´m really interested in playing DLC modes. I want to know if you want to play Death Star DLC too. I want to complete Hutt contracts (EE-4 and TL-50). I´m on PC. My Origin: CangrejoVisual
  • Hi,

    I'm on Xbox 1, gamertag ProneClient 3583, am based in the UK, new to the game and want to do the Hutt contracts, achievements and also want to play the Death Star DLC etc.

    Add me/send request

  • I would like to do all DLCs and dead online modes. Add me as friend Origin ID: Kfyatec.
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