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Hi all!

Since the new patch i could count with one hand how many games i could play on SA this week! I love this mod but somehow there arent any ppl who play it anymore.

Anyone else having problem to find game since new patch or its just me?

Can we get a skirmish mod until we dont have enough ppl?
It would be muuuuuuch better to wait for a game until its fill up and just to fly around explore things and so on. Ofc all ships should be avaible for free. So everyone could practise a little before it starts!

I hate to see that"player counter" for 10min long.


  • Jello770
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    Only occasionally in HvV do I find players lacking
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  • I agree but I think we need Galactic Conquest.
  • Seronax
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    I watched a 2hours long movie and i am still waiting to start the game...The Match Making system arent working or why there arent any ppl on Sunday afternoon to play SA ???

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    ah yes, on Ghost Recon Future Soldier when waiting for a game to start you could go to the ol little shooting range and test out guns and attachments there, good times
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