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Best HvV Bossk Cards

Started to get into Bossk, such a fun character I dont know why it took me so long to try him :D Whats your opinions on the best Cards for the scorekeeper


  • Multi-Traps (25% increased detonation area) and Trap Arming Speed (60% increased trap arming speed) are generally considered the cards to be running in this mode. The third card is most likely debatable, but I've been running Predator Resilience (15% damage reduction when using Predator Instincts) as of late.

    Remember that Bossk isn't a very sturdy hero. If a lightsaber hero catch up to you, and you don't have your traps nearby, or it's still on cooldown, chances are that you'll die. With the mines by your side, you'll hopefully take down their health long enough to deter them closing the gap to you, or if they do, hopefully, be able to finish them off with either your rifle or your grenade launcher.

    Best of luck!
  • Jello770
    5592 posts Member
    Multi Traps and Trap Arming Speed. Any hero that runs through them will get absolutely destroyed and if their not dead you can just finish them off with your Relby.

    I also like to run Name Your Poison because it’s very useful if a saber hero is in your vicinity to chuck it down, and jump around them shooting them in the back here and there and healing all the while doing it.

    Bossk is actually surprisingly amazing in HvV. His skill set works fantastic in this mode. Cheers.
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  • I run multi traps, name your poison, lingering dioxis myself but he has quite a few good cards
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