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Star Wars Battlefront 2: Hero hunt (NEW CONCEPTS)

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Well I want to start off by saying Ewok Hunt was a success. There were other things they could've added but it's still a fine addition to the game. Here are some more hunt modes they can do.
Jedi hunt- This will take place at the jedi temple. The front door of the temple will be broken open at the start and the clones will flood in. It'll start off with 10 clones facing off against 20 jedi. These will be generic looking jedi. When a Jedi dies they convert to a clone. The Jedi have to survive until a Jedi appears in a transport at a secret exit or something.
Wampa hunt- This will take place at hoth in the middle of a snow storm. An outpost will lose electricity and they'll be forced to go out into the storm to make it to another outpost. It'll be the same as the stormtrooper and ewok ratio. About 12 rebels and 2 wampas, and when a rebel dies they convert to a wampa.
Tusken hunt- You'll go to mos eisley as a rebel to save the civilians from a tusken invasion. You'll go there to discover their already all dead. Then suddenly the guy talking to you from the transport that took you there screams and you hear a tuskan make a noise. You have to survive until a transport comes and picks you up. Same rules as Wampa and Ewok Hunt. There'll also be a sand storm.
I say they should make Ewok Hunt permanent and add a new mode named "hunt." It'll start off with just Ewok Hunt but they'll add these concepts I made to the rotation later on. Tell me what you guys think! :)


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    They could also incorporate hooded Anakin with yellow eyes for 6000 battlepoints for clones, or just give it to someone randomly.
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