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Obi-Wan and Anakin hero design concepts with abilities and star cards (also Luke tweak)

My ideas - I think these would be very fun characters

Obi-Wan Kenobi
The design focused on Obi-Wan’s great defensive capacities, since he is “The Master of Soresu”
Obiwan has 700 health and a regen of 250. His lightsaber strikes deliver 100 damage. He can block with his lightsaber. Obi-Wan has basic Jedi speed (unless using speed run).

  • Deflection Left trigger: An alternate block that will deflect ALL blaster fire directly back at shooters even if reticule isn't pointed at shooter. Also has 25% damage bound back on enemy saber users when blocking saber strikes. Covers 90 degrees in all directions from reticle (essentially 180 degrees, i.e. everything in front of him). Functions much like Palpatine's lightening attack in that it is depleting it's blocking stamina while being held down and recharges when released at equivalent rate - stamina can last up to 2 seconds (3 seconds with Epic star card). With good timing and triggering right when blaster bolts are about to strike, this ability can be quite powerful.
  • Soresu Both Triggers: Initiates 5 second of full 360 automatic blocking. Obi-wan can run, jump, and strike at normal speeds while ability is active. He is essentially un-harmable unless he is hit by explosives. Speed Run can be used in combonation with this ability. 20 second recharge time.
  • Speed Run Right Trigger: As seen escaping Droidekas in The Phantom Menace. When trigger is held Kenobi runs at 1.5x speed for up to 3 seconds. Also increases dodge distance by 1.5 and jump distance by 1.5. Has stamina meter that recharges at same rate as use when not in use.

Some Star Cards:
  1. Add up to 1 second (3 seconds total) of Deflection at .25 seconds each level.
  2. On block or deflection (but not during Soresu) gains 5% of damage inflicted as health regen – Kenobi gains strength from defense not aggression (I hope a way to regenrate health becomes passive for all heroes, but until then…)
  3. Increase Speed run duration by 1 second (up to 4 seconds total) with .25 second boost per level
  4. Increase duration of Soresu by up to 30% (1.5 seconds) for each kill while active (at 5%, 10%, 20%, 30% per card level). Cannot become greater than 5 seconds even if kills permit.
  5. If 4 enemies or more are killed during Soresu session recharge is decreased by 1, 2, 3, and 5 seconds
  6. Increase damage bounce back of deflection and add damage to returned shots by 5%, 10%, 17%, 25%

Anakin Skywalker
The design focused on power, strength and speed. Base health of 750, can regen 250. Saber strikes deliver 110 – The Chosen One strikes deliver 120. He can block with his lightsaber. Anakin is as fast as Maul.

  • The Chosen One Right Trigger: Anakin has 2 rush attacks (and a star card that increases this to 3) that deliver 120 damage. These function differently than Maul’s, Yoda’s, and Luke’s in that the attack will home in on the target that fits 2 criteria: 1 being closest to Anakin and 2: being closest to the reticle. This will attack will function as long as the target is within 20ft of Anakin and within 45 degrees of the reticle (Thus it will not go sideways or backwards from Anakin’s position). This attack can also be used from the air (mid-jump or in combination with Force Burst). This attack is very strong and will push through lightsaber blocking, delivering partial damage of 80. It can be dodged. If the target is right in front of Anakin, The Chosen One will function much like a “strong” lightsaber swing, while at a distance it will function with a very fast force lunge (like Kylo does with his Frenzy) into a swing. The swing will be stylized above his head as he did when fighting Dooku before killing him (also imagine an overhead samurai katana strike). This attack can be followed by a regular swing, making it a great way to take out multiple enemies: using The Chose One to close the distance and take partial life, finishing the enemy with a regular swing, and then using The Chosen One to get to the next enemy quickly, etc. If there is no target, Anakin will dash 20 feet forward in the direction of his reticle. Recharge rate is the same as other rush ability users.
  • Force Lift Left Trigger: Anakin lifts all enemies in the area for 4 seconds (it looks like Vaders choke without the choking part). Anakin can move freely after triggering the Force Lift. If the affected enemies are hit by a lightsaber, explosion, or mele attack, they will be released from the Force Lift; if they are hit by blaster fire, they will continue to remain lifted for the duration of the ability. This ability does not damage enemies. 18 second recharge time.
  • Force Burst Both Triggers: Anakin will burst up into the air shaking the ground beneath much like Luke’s repulse, knocking over enemies and therefore creating a brief stun. Anakin will go slightly higher/further than his regular jump. If he is running the Force Burst will carry forward with the momentum, thus functioning much like a jump. He can also use The Chosen One ability from the air as a follow up combo to the Force Burst. 15 second recharge rate. This will not damage enemies unless damage star card is added.

Some Star Cards:
  1. Add 3 rushes, but increases recharge (10% at Epic)
  2. Health on kill like Luke, Vader, etc. (I hope regen becomes passive for all heroes, but until then…)
  3. Increase Force Lift area of effect (by 30% at Epic)
  4. Increase the seek angle of homing ability of The Chosen One at 50, 55, 60, 70
  5. Increase impact area of Force Burst by 30% at Epic
  6. Decrease stamina usage by 10% at Epic
  7. Add damage to Force Burst at 10, 20, 30, 50

Luke Skywalker quick fix
  • Force push should be a two-use ability. In other words, it should be able to be used twice, just like his rush ability, and recharge in the same way. There should not be a card that elevates this to 3 pushes.
  • Repulse must either animate much more quickly, or deliver 100 damage. I vote for 100 damage, but either way is acceptable.
  • Luke’s Rush must not hitch at the end of its animation, and it should cover about 10% more distance.


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