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Hero/Villain Pair Concept- Sabine and Rukh

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  • Health: 600
  • Health Regen: 70 per second
  • Health Regen Delay: 4.5 seconds
  • Max Health Regen: 200
  • Movement Speed: 7 meters/second
  • Jump Height: 2 meters

Primary Weapon: 2x WESTAR-35 pistols
Damage: 45 to 20m, 44-36 from 21-29m, 35 from 30m
Fire Rate: 300 RPM max
Fire Mode: Semi-automatic, a single trigger pull fires each pistol once
Cooling Power: 15 rounds per blaster, 30 total, 0.8 second blue cooling flush
Accuracy: High
Recoil: Low-moderate


Jetpack (L2/LT)- Works the same way as Boba's jetpack, same base fuel amounts, same fuel regen speed.

Vambrace Repulsor- Sabine uses the Repulsor on her Mandalorian Gauntlet, which knocks back all enemies in a 90 degree 8m cone in front of her, dealing 60 initial damage plus an additional 20 damage if they impact a wall. She can also use the repulsor while flying and if she aims it straight down while over an enemy, it shoves them into the ground instead, dealing 120 damage and stunning them for 1 second while they are standing back up. 20 second cooldown


Darksaber- Sabine activates her darksaber and lunges forward, dealing 100 damage. Mechanically works the same as the Commando Droid's vibrosword, with 3 charges and lock-on. If all 3 charges are used at once, the 3rd strike deals 40 bonus damage. 2 second recharge rate per charge, 6 seconds to recharge all 3.


Vambrace Shield- Sabine activates the shield on her Mandalorian Gauntlet. The shield covers her upper body and has 150 health. It can block both blaster and lightsaber damage. While the shield is active, Sabine can only fire 1 of her 2 pistols, which halves her rate of fire. 18 second cooldown


-Vambrace Repulsor has a 20/30/40/50% bigger area of effect.
-Vambrace Repulsor has 20/40/60/80% more knockback, and deals an extra 10/20/30/40 damage if enemies impact a wall or if fired downward while flying.
-Darksaber charges recharge 10/20/30/40% faster.
-Darksaber does 5/10/15/20 more damage per strike
-Vambrace shield has 25/50/75/100 more health
-Vambrace Shield has a 1/2/3/4 second shorter cooldown
-Sabine can regen 25/50/75/100 more health.
-Sabine can fire her pistols 5/10/15/20% faster, at the cost of 10% more heat buildup.
-Sabine's jetpack uses 10/15/20/25% less fuel.

Default Appearance

Alternate skins
Season 1 (20000 credits)
Season 2 (20000 credits)
Epilogue (40000 credits)

-Don't read too much into it kid.
-Never get between a Mandalorian and a weapons package
-I invoke the code to seek justice through single combat
-My friends make the impossible, possible.


Health: 650
Health Regen: 50
Health Regen Delay: 5 seconds
Max Health Regen: 250
Movement Speed: Medium-High
Jump Height: Medium

Primary Weapon: Electrostaff
Damage: 100
Swing Speed: Fast
Stamina: High

Note: Rukh can block melee attacks and lightsabers but not blasters. Rukh, being an assassin, does 40 extra damage with attacks from behind.


Ambush- Rukh activates his cloaking device, which activates a 12 second timer. The more still Rukh is while the cloak is active, the less noticeable it's faint shimmer is to enemies. The cloak uses 1.5x more active time while Ruhk is walking and 2x more active time while Rukh is running. Taking damage while the cloak is active takes 2 seconds off the timer and makes Rukh more noticeable for 1 second. Attacking while the cloak is active ends the cloak and does 180 damage to the front of an enemy and 220 damage to the back of an enemy. If Rukh is the target in HvV, using Ambush will remove the target icon from over his head, but the timer counts down twice as fast. 22 second cooldown.

Stalking Prey- Rukh puts his electrostaff on his back and runs on all fours for 12 seconds, allowing him to run 50% faster. Thanks to his strong sense of smell, he can see the outline of enemies within a 20m radius of him through walls while the ability is active. Attacking while the ability is active uses his fists, which deal 90 damage per attack with a short lunge.

Blaster- Rukh activates the blaster built into his electrostaff. Starts a 16 second timer, which loses active time faster while firing. Each shot does 50 damage, medium fire rate, automatic fire. 0.5 second activation time, 20 second cooldown


-Ambush lasts 3/4/5/6 seconds longer.
-Rukh uses 10/15/20/25% less active time while moving during ambush, and the shimmer penalty while moving is reduced by 10/20/30/40%
-Attacking while ambush is active does 30/40/50/60 bonus damage from behind.
-Stalking Prey lasts 1/2/3/4 seconds longer.
-Melee attacks during stalking prey do 5/10/15/20 extra damage.
-The radius of Stalking Prey's scent tracking effect is increased by 3/6/9/12 meters.
-Blaster shots use 10/20/30/40% less active time.
-Rukh has 12/18/24/30% damage reduction to blaster fire.
-Rukh's cooldowns are reduced by 10/15/20/25%

Default Appearance

-It will be done, Grand Admiral
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  • LOVE what you did with Sabine. The darksaber would definitely create a unique jet pack user! Sadly, I believe Rukh is not mainstream enough to even be considered. But i loved him in Rebels.
  • Gar saxon would be a good counter villain for sabine.
    Ahsoka for Battlefront 2. Kanan Jarrus for Battlefront 2.
    Kanan is more of your cool kinda Jedi... not so weird/wise as most of the Jedi were like on the council. Kanan also owned a cantina at some point before he met Hera.
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