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Hero/Villain Pair Concept: Chirrut and IG-88

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edited April 2018
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Chirrut Imwe

Health: 650
Health Regen: 67
Health Regen Delay: 5 seconds
Max Health Regen: 200
Movement Speed: Medium-High
Jump Height: Low

Primary Weapon: Lightbow
Damage: 100 damage (60 normal, 40 explosive) to 25m, 99-71 damage from 26-50m, 70 damage (42 normal + 28 explosive) from 50 meters
Rate of Fire: Very slow
Cooling Power: Medium
Recoil: Medium
Melee Damage: 65

Secondary Weapon: Staff
Damage: 100
Swing Speed: Fast
Stamina: High

Note: Chirrut can't block with his staff.


Vehicle Buster- Chirrut charges up his lightbow for 0.5 seconds and stores it for up to 5 seconds. This charged shot deals 120 normal damage to infantry/villains + 80 explosive damage, or 300 damage to vehicles. 14 second cooldown. No cooldown if charged shot isn't used before the timer runs out.

Staff- Chirrut puts away his lightbow and switches to his staff. 0.5 second activation time for switching between lightbow and staff.

Staff Master- Chirrut uses his enhanced hearing to locate all enemies within a 3m radius around him. He then leaps between them, doing 4 unblockable staff strikes that deal 70 damage each. The strikes are spread evenly between all enemies within the radius, but if there is only one enemy within the radius all strikes will hit them. Additionally, Chirrut has a 20% chance to avoid damage during Staff Master. 20 second cooldown

Star Cards
-There is a 5/10/15/20% chance that Chirrut will take no damage from an attack (stacks with the bonus from Staff Master)
-Chirrut's cooldowns are reduced by 10/15/20/25%.
-Vehicle buster does 10/15/20/25% more damage.
-Staff Master does 1/2/3/4 more strikes.
-The lock-on radius of Staff Master is 30/40/50/60% larger.
-Chirrut's lightbow builds 12/18/24/30% less heat.
-Chirrut regains 20 health for infantry kills and 20/40/60/80 for villain kills.
-Chirrut can fire his lightbow 5/10/15/20% faster, at the cost of 10% higher heat build up.

Default Appearance

“I am one with the Force and the Force is with me.”
“I fear nothing, for all is as the Force wills it”
“I don't need luck, I have you”
“Look for the Force and you will always find me”

Health: 650
Health Regen: 50
Health Regen Delay: 6 seconds
Max Health Regen: 200
Movement Speed: Medium-fast
Jump Height: Medium

Primary Weapon: DAS-430 Neural Inhibitor
Damage: 50 to 20m, 49-41 from 21-39m, 40 from 40m
Fire Rate: Medium
Cooling Power: Medium
Recoil: Low
Melee Damage: 65

Notes: Fires green blasts. IG-88 has thermal vision while aiming down sight. Every 3rd shot that hits an enemy puts a slowing effect on the enemy. Each effect lasts 3 seconds, and you can stack a maximum of 3 effects on an enemy. Each stack slows an enemies movement speed and lightsaber attack speed by 7.5%. Every 3rd shot after 3 stacks resets the 3 second effect.

Secondary Weapon- 2x Vibroblades
Damage- 90
Swing speed- Very fast
Stamina: Medium

Note: IG-88 can't block when using vibroblades.

Sonic Device- IG-88 emits a loud sonic blast in a 5 meter radius around him. The sound is loud enough that it does inner ear damage, disorienting enemies. All enemies within the radius take 50 damage and have their movement and turning speeds reduced by 30% for 3 seconds. 18 second cooldown

Vibroblades- 2 vibroblades pop out of IG-88's arms, which he can use in place of his gun. 0.5 second activation time for switching between blades and gun.

Needle Dart Gun- IG-88 pulls out his needle dart gun and uses his advanced sensors to target all enemies in a 120 degree 15m cone in front of him, shooting each of them with a poison dart. Each enemy is affected by a 3 second damage over time effect that deals 50 damage per second. 18 second cooldown

-Enemies within half the radius of Sonic Device take 60/70/80/90 damage and have their movement and turning speeds slowed by 40%.
-IG-88 gains 15/20/25/30% damage reduction against enemies affected by Sonic Device.
-Cooldowns are reduced by 10/15/20/25%
-The damage over time effect of Needle Dart Gun is boosted to 55/60/65/70 damage per second.
-The range of needle dart gun's targeting is increased by 20/30/40/50%
-IG-88 regains 20 health for infantry kills and 20/40/60/80 for hero kills
-IG-88 has 25/50/75/100 extra health.
-The special slowing effect of IG-88's DAS-430 is increased to 3.25/3.5/3.75/4 seconds
-The special slowing effect of IG-88's DAS-430 is increased to a 7.5/8/8.5/9% speed penalty per stack.

Default Appearance

-That should teach them a lesson.
-Execute kill protocol
-There is a 91.7% chance you will not survive this encounter.
-I will collect the bounty on your head


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