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Bug review after latest patch...

After spending over 80 hours on swbf2 night on endor update...i can say it’s awesome where this is going without hesitation...but *bug report* only 3 noticed so far..
1. Vader stuck in choke animation still happens
2. Boba Fett’s jet pack stops working
3. Iden, Leia’s emotes doesn’t work!??


  • progression is currently bugged
  • luishmoraes
    96 posts Member
    edited April 2018
    After I got stuck on Vader's choke animation I got Rey and was stuck with turtle steps after using insight for the first time. Than got stuck on Vader's choke animation again. 3 hero bugs on 3 rounds in sequence :(
  • Lee1981
    1953 posts Member
    All Darth Mauls abilities stopped working for me earlier this evening
  • Afrom3istwr
    903 posts Member
    edited April 2018
    I've had two different bugs with Yoda the past two days. Not completely different and broke. Was carrying lightning'd by Palps and was practically running in place for at least 3 minutes and could not jump. I had to rush and saber strike to move.

    Yesterday I was thrown against a wall by Maul and was stuck in a rag doll animation on the ground and to wait until a Palps saw me and started to attack. Only reason why I waited as long as I did was due to stubborness and life alert jokes.

    Also, the cancel button for spawning should not be greyed out when a squad fills up because the latest patch is now causing more and more players to get stuck at the spawn screen.
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  • Jello770
    5592 posts Member
    Anyone else say “Bug Review” in a Pewdipie voice? Or was that just me :D
    Psn: Jello770
  • GodKC
    245 posts Member
    I still can’t attach my scope on the SE44C and the EL...
    - GodKC

    If you're looking for a teammate for HvV or GA, send me an invite online.

    XBOX Gamertag: GodKC
  • Jello770 wrote: »
    Anyone else say “Bug Review” in a Pewdipie voice? Or was that just me :D

    *clap* *clap* BUG REVIEW! *screen goes black*
  • Emperor's Lightning attack sticks if you activate chain lightning while firing.
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