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Bring back WA with iconic maps from bf15

Anyone else wish the mode returned? A good way to dlc WA maps as well.


  • Love Walker Assault and I still play it everyday. I wish they would put Bespin Cloud City in the regular WA rotation in BF 2015.
  • Devlin21
    8323 posts Member
    Make it a separate mode. Add the ones from.current game and old.

  • TheStalker88
    6084 posts Member
    edited April 2018
    Yeah WA is awesome. Maps are open and awesome too especially outpost beta, judland wastes, jakku and sullust. Also Bespin and even Scariff are great maps. Endor and night Hoth aren't bad either.
  • Anyone else wish the mode returned? A good way to dlc WA maps as well.

    Yes, yes I do.
  • Would be great! Fantastic maps. They’d have to do something to make the flight smoother though since it’s an integral part on most maps. Maybe it’s just me, but in BF2 the atmospheric flight is a lot more twitchy.
  • acc751
    861 posts Member
    bring back the iconic maps from bf 2005
    Many of the arguments we have about this game would not exist if this was a single player focused game like it should have been since day 1.
  • Starting to see these type post pop up more and more, I would love all those 15 maps added with new additions of bf2 maps. Could make for an epic game. I especially miss the dlc maps, outer rim and bespin to be specific.
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