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Yoda's fully charged Unleash unresponsive

I have a great time playing as Yoda after his buff as he really supports his team while wrecking enemies. My biggest issue with him right now is how incredibly unresponsive his Unleash can be at times. Honestly I feel a fully charged Unleash is more buggy than a standard Unleash attack. Many times my Unleash is fully charged and when I fire, it either does an average amount of damage or no damage at all, even when an enemy is at point blank range up close! The lines definitely show the target is within range, but nothing happens. This issue is pretty much similar to Luke's Force Push & Repulse.

Yoda's Unleash definitely needs to be fixed to be more responsive as a failed Unleash attack can definitely leave you wide open and as this happens, you really feel like the game has cheated on you and doesn't give you the kill you deserve.


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