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Do you guys play Battlefront 2 everyday and why?



  • No, I take a day or two (or three) off by choice or necessity every week. There are so many other things to do, play, read, etc.
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  • DarthJ
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    To add to my point - I pretty much log in to do the daily challenge and thats it at the moment.

    I used to defend this game but then you see, as an example, God of War's release. I got it a couple days after launch but we have seen a patch daily (excluding Sunday) with bug fixes. Daily! No matter how minor they seem. It just makes you look at this and think the excuses are tiring. And no, the excuse of this is a more complex or bigger game doesnt ride with me.
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  • KrolJulian1916
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    I play like 5,6 days out of 7. Battlefront is last thing that connects me with franchise after abomination that TLJ is. Only BF and old movies/TCW are there for fans like me.

    And I have a friend that I play HvV with daily for 2 years.
  • I play anytime my schedule permits- because STAR WARS!

    My gaming consists of simulating and playing in the worlds of IPs I love.

    So, I mainly play Batman: Arkham Knight, Alien: Isolation, and Battlefront.

    Battlefront 2 needs improvements, absolutely, but for me it's still (mostly) a dream come true.

    Now I just need an open world Superman game (I'm looking at you Rocksteady!) and a Masters of The Universe game, and my life will be complete.
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  • Evazan127
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    Love it but also play Battlefield a lot
  • Dexyn
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    I came back to the game a week ago playing it for hours everyday since. Don't know why it's fun again all of a sudden but now I'm trying out every hero including ones I vowed to never even touch like Lando, Chewy, Phasma, Finn and Iden.
    Only play GA.
  • Yes to level my stuff up and buy costumes. I like to collect stuff in the game.
  • Wallofman
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    Once my daughter goes to bed I play every night. Mostly it is with friends from the forums that I have met over time. We generally play GA, throw in HvV and SA every now and then.

    I love it. I am a total Star Wars nerd. I own just two games. Battlefront I and Battlefront II. I bought a PS$ just to play. (I needed a new blu-ray player anyway). Maybe I am more accepting of the flaws that are always being mentioned on this forum because of my lack of gaming experience. This is what I know. I do see some things that are unbalanced, or even down right stupid (flash grenade), but not enough to keep me from playing.

    I can see how some people might find the lack of modes as a reason things might be getting stale. However, for me it is different every night. Some nights we play against good teams and some nights bad teams. For me, playing against new foes every night, and trying to counter them, makes it new enough for me.

    That is just my opinion.
  • I play pretty much every day lately. By the way,I don’t want to start a new thread about this, but how do you drop an airstrike when you are in the ATAT? I can’t get the thing to drop and I’m really annoyed
  • if my friends didn't play I wouldn't be playing much or at all.
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  • Does the little brown bear poo*p in the woods?
  • IcedFreon
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    Because it's Star Wars
  • For the first few months from beta to launch I did. Maybe once a week currently. I have a huge backlog of games from both PS4 and Switch titles that I've been pushing through little by little. The fact this game technically doesn't end, isn't helping with that.
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