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Emote Glitches

So I’ve been shuffling emotes around on Iden and besides the fact that her emotes still don’t work, her mouth also doesn’t move when equipped with her helmetless skin.
My Yoda with the hood skin has also had this issue with his mouth not moving.
Anyone else noticed or had these issues and maybe know a fix? I’d rather not play as Iden and Yoda the ventriloquists


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    Some emotes on rhe new skins don't move mouth, tusken emote doesn't move lips, but "look, the droid we're looking for" moves their lips, so it depends in the actual emote with the new skin
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  • Empire_TW
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    Yeah I got those glitches too, no fixes that I am aware of. Wish they would fix them and fix the emotes outright not working. The people I kill need to know that they were not expecting special forces.
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