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HUNT mode does not need every.....

One idea i've seen for every hunt option being suggestioned in either being at night or in bad weather,Why?If you look at hunts form SWBF2(Xbox/PS2)Many of the hunts where during the day in clear weather so if all the new hunts use night and bad weather it comes off as a cheap gimmick,so please vary the types of conditions found in each hunt option.What do you all think about this?


  • I agree. Instead of solely using obscuring atmospheric or lighting conditions to limit visual detection, use the actual terrain sometimes. For example, a Wampa hunt mode could take place in a maze of ice tunnels with decent lighting, with the Wampas being completely invisible on soldier radar. There could be really creepy ambush moments where you just round a corner and a Wampa jumps out on you. You could potentially do the same in the daylight on Tatooine with Tusken Raiders in canyons or something. Also, would it be cool to have a Dianoga hunt?
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