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[ps4] clan - battlefront gods

We are small clan atm as we have only recruited people we have seen in our games and it's rare they are actually worth asking, if your looking to join a clan on battlefront 2 with good players on ps4 then you can join out discord which I will put a link to below.

My psn: Murmaiid - add me and let me know you joined also or just mention you came from here in discord chat.

We play galactic Assualt and heroes vs Villians and dominate any lobby we enter, we also have a member who wants to recreate movie scenes and images via the game which can be fun to do.

Hope to see you in the galaxy and may the force be with you.


  • Are you and ur clan down to 4v4 (HvV) for competition? It'll be a lot of fun!!!
  • I’m interested in any type of clan or tryouts if they are being held. I’ve had experience on mic teams before with other members on this forum that led to domination. Specialty is hero’s vs villians. 14 characters at level 40 and all the skins. I’ve played everyone probably played you and your clan at some point as well.

    Psn - Tomahawked86
  • No one has beaten astorith yet?? hes bf2 god on ps4 hands down
  • never heard of him. what does he usually play?
  • Love to link up with some people who can actually play Heroes vs Villains. I’m level 50 with multiple maxed heroes. Tag is PIZADAWAN
  • Landoluv wrote: »
    No one has beaten astorith yet?? hes bf2 god on ps4 hands down
    Landoluv wrote: »
    No one has beaten astorith yet?? hes bf2 god on ps4 hands down
    Me and my friend Carlos083thekil beat him lol. Not the “BF2 God on PS4”
  • Can I still join?
    My PSN is musicman8811
    Let's play sometime!
  • Cwebb1886
    168 posts Member
    edited August 2018
    I think this is by invite only. If you are good enough in their eyes they will add you. They already stated they only recruit people who are good playing against them
  • Region and age?
  • I am relatively new but i am getting better. Cane_danko if you want to add me. I love to play and plan to stick with this game a while cuz i love it
  • Hello,

    I'm a decent BF2 player, but i'm not as experienced at HvV as I would like.
    I've only recently started playing the hero game modes and exploring wich hero's are compatible with my playstyle.
    I would acually like to join a clan to get better at this specific game mode.
    I learn fast...

    Exoltes (ps4 id)
  • If your gods in Bf2 then I'm Carl Louis
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