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I'm Tired Of Getting Stuck, Small Objects Shouldn't Be Physically Interfering With Player Movements

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I'm tired of my characters getting clipped on to stuff and getting stuck because of the collision meshes on small objects in the game. Because of this, I have lost heroes because they got stuck on to tiny cans or what not on the ground and caused my characters not to be able to move freely without bumps and what not from tiny insignificant rocks on the ground. Small objects on the ground and such are really annoying when they have collision meshes and so if you walk into, or shoot a rocket, or fly into it it stops, sometimes kills players. You don't have collision meshes from things like leaves for a reason or ever grenades on takadona would never be able to be thrown a foot before falling straight down and killing you. Anything small and non-important should have rockets and grenades and character pass through. In fact, having that many collision meshes on small objects all over the map has to be contributing to the lag in matches. Anything not bigger than a foot scale size should be passive traits. Also on other players too would be nice. tired of **** walking in front of my Explosive Sentry, or Rocket, or Grenade

For those that want to know what a collision mesh is.

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