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Speeder Bikes shouldn’t damage enemies so much at slow speeds

I’m getting really annoyed with how much damage a common Speeder Bike does when it’s moving at a slow speed toward someone. It makes absolutely no sense for someone to die to a speeder bike moving real slow. I’ve seen clips of Darth Vader dying to a speeder bike constantly ramming at him and his health just going down real fast. They fixed the issue of heroes not instantly dying to speeder bikes by simply touching them, but they need to adjust how much damage is dealt a speeder bike does when hitting them at a particular speed.

Absolutely an enemy should deal a great deal of damage and instant kill troopers with a speeder bike moving at top speed as that would kill a normal person. I just don’t appreciate enemies pulling the dirty trick of ramming good players at such a slow speed with little to no effort. And even if you manage to escape, you lost so much health as a hero the enemies will just take full advantage and go after you. It’s already happened twice in one week while I was playing as Iden when I lost so much health against a speeder bike ramming into me catching me off guard. This also would’ve been less of a case if the dang mini map didn’t reveal heroes 100% of the time, which really shouldn’t be at all!

Simply have the damage output be high when the speeder bike is moving at top speed while damage be incredibly low depending on the speed of the bike. It shouldn’t be too high at low speed.
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