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I bet its not just me but, I've noticed, that the game doesn't record this milestone achievement. It doesn't matter how many players I hit with the last hit of Staff Strikes. Nothing gets recorded.

Today, I encountered two afk players. One was playing Rey and another was playing Chewbacca. I hit each player with all three Staff Strike hits. No progress was counted. Previously, I thought the troopers I was killing with the last hit of Staff Strikes were flukes but I'm positive now that this achievement is broken.


  • Jello770
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    Yup it’s definitely bugged which is annoying since it’s the only one I’m missing
    Psn: Jello770
  • I used to think it was bugged, but then I got credit for some. Since the latest patch, I've gotten one but thought I should have gotten several more. I started recording the ones I should get credit for, and have one that clearly hits with all three in video, including sound effects and it didn't count. I am starting a help ticket with them on it.
  • I used to think it was bugged but I finally achieved it. There is a specific sequence to the strikes and you must land the third without interrupting the sequence. Interruptions are caused by receiving melee hits and also if you move at all - although aiming is OK.

    Once I got he timing right it was not that hard - I could even do it to opponents running towards me without needing the droid. You must basically commit to making the 3 strikes regardless of whatever happens next. You will die a lot.

    I got the achievement before the last patch. Now that it doesn't knock the enemy down it is much, much harder. Hopefully the knock down will be reinstated.
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