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Ways Dev to Community Communication could improve

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edited May 2018
I know this is something that has been talked about, but it hasn't been made into its own discussion after the introduction of F8RGE. The current level of communication is nice, but we are kept in the dark for a large amount of time, and many are left to hope or give up on the game because of that. A quite simple fix would be just giving us a roadmap. Yes I would be subject to change, but after so much time being clueless, even a constantly fluctuating timeline is better. This also gives the distinct advantage of getting the community feedback before something is released, which eliminates the need for constant patches. Just a little thing to think on...


  • A roadmap would be nice. But if they don't release it what they're currently doing with the forums posts talking about feedback if they could do that and turn it into what certain things people wold want to see in certain era, maps and things such as that would also be nice. I hope they start doing that on these forums and engage in actual conversations with us.Not vague responses, hints or anything that isn't direct communication. Not giving us details of everything, but talking to us and showing interest of what we would like to see.
  • This also gives the distinct advantage of getting the community feedback

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