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Adjust health regeneration for armored vehicles similarly to heroes

What really makes armored vehicles like the AT-ST more annoying in this game compared to the last game is the fact that they can regenerate all of their health like Bossk can. I'm mainly going to use the AT-ST as an example as AATs can be destroyed easily when approaching them properly for the most part plus Y-Wing bombing runs and AT-RTs are simply the most balanced armored vehicle as the driver is heavily exposed. As a result, when players damage an AT-ST and then die, but then come back only to find the AT-ST back at full health they feel like they accomplished nothing. In the last game, if you were to throw an ion grenade damaging an AT-ST, but die you feel like you accomplished something as it's health went down by a lot.

I imagine the AT-STs would be a bit more balanced if their health had a similar threshold to all the heroes in the game. I understand why they added the whole health regeneration thing in the first place to prevent players from simply camping in the back and not give up the vehicle to survive. The problem is because the AT-STs have so much health, even more with the reinforced hull star card, they're even harder to take down if the player plays it safe and takes cover each time it attacks heavily against enemies. And don't say "yeah they can be taken down easily with enough ion weapons and such" because an AT-ST can only be taken down easily depending on who is driving it as a reckless driver can be wrecked in a matter of seconds while a smart driver knows how to approach the situation and not waste all of its health. There needs to be an adjustment so the skilled drivers can be dealt with too.
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