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Starfighters, LAAT Gunship, and Speeders...

Are the most annoying in all of GA. Especially the 1 hit kill with the speeders. My friends and I get so annoyed, but we just carry on.
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  • DrX2345
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    Ok. Good for you.

    I do agree that the OHK speeders need changing, but Starfighters are in a good place in terms of air to ground combat in that you can take out ground troops if you focus on them, but you have to be reasonably accurate. Admittedly ground troops don't have many options for taking down Starfighters, and that should be changed, but they're not OP. The LAAT is alright, if you have good aim and are in a decent spot then a Heavy can take it out in a single regular Sentry duration.
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    Imagine it

    A horde of Bipedal Millennium Falcons with cheeseburgers for legs
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