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Daily Challenge 04-05-2018: ehda yuhyi eedeeza not working

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This is the second time around for Ehda Yuhyi Eedeeza ... and it still does not register correctly. It is bugged. I played a good couple of rounds today catching the light up eyes under the full glare of my flashlight as they approached me several attack runs. I bagged three Ewoks under the flashlight - I exited back to the lobby to find 3/10 registered... and guess what... it reduced to 0/10 before my eyes! Again! Same as two weeks ago. So no use playing it for a Daily Challenge as it is pointless. Just have fun hunting Ewoks that's all we can do on this day of days May the Forth. And certain am I...that it is the same with you all too.... ;)


  • Did you try finishing the round to see if it sticks then?
  • Dont know why they insist in the same errors, if this didnt worked the last time, why put the same bugged challenge again?
  • Did you not shine a flashlight on you tv screen or gaming monitor?
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    I got the challenge, through 2 different games actually
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  • Dezert
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    I had 6/10 and they were erased. Went back to 0/10. It's unfortunate because I don't like playing Ewoks :-/ but I do want the skin at the end of the weekend.

    The challenge is definitely bugged.
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