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Kylo Ren should be able to cancel his Frenzy whenever

What really makes me nervous when using Kylo Ren’s Frenzy against a huge cluster of enemies is constantly swinging and not being able to stop whenever as there is no way to cancel Frenzy right now. There are situations I know not to use it as I will be highly vulnerable to damage against a group of enemies despite the damage reduction. As well there are moments I thought it was safe to use Frenzy as there were about one or two enemies close by, but then realized there are more enemies in proximity and by the time I see it was a bad idea, Kylo Ren doesn’t stop using Frenzy and everyone is just shooting at me with no way to escape until the ability fully finishes. By that time I’m either with low health or just dead.

There needs to be a button to allow Kylo Ren to cancel his Frenzy ability. With an epic card increasing his strikes, I may end up hitting more enemies than I intended and I have no way to stop myself.
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