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[501st] PC clan looking for skilled players

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My name is Kaeltus. I lead and represent the 501st clan in the PC version of star wars battlefront 2 and I am looking for active, talented players to join us. Here is a little bit about us:

-We have a mature clan base (You must be 16+ to join. This is not negotiable)
-We utilize a discord server for our clan activities
-Being a team player is something we appreciate
-We have a good group of guys who like joking around and playing games together
-A microphone for voice chat is recommended
**You do not have to be incredible at the game to join us (We aren't that strict lol). We are looking for those who currently have the skill and/or are willing to learn how to best improve.

We are a casual/competitive clan that enjoys Tactical combat and chatter over "Charge and shoot" random player strategies.
Our recruitment system is simple. If you fit the above criteria and are interested, friend -Kaeltus- through Origin to contact him directly and he will fill you in with more details regarding recruitment policies clan rules etc.

What Kaeltus wants from you in clan interviews:
-Clan interest (What made you want to join)
-Prior experience (Have you seen us in-game before)
-Baseline skillsets (Favorite class, heroes, scoreboard placements, etc.)
-Country of Origin and language
-Other things you might find important...
This is just an FYI so you go in prepared. And remember that we have specific recruitment expectations regarding age and maturity. KEYWORD BEING MATURITY, I don't want people wanting to join and then complaining to me because they didn't get Accepted due to their immaturity.

Friend Dank Magician#5864 on discord or -Kaeltus- on Origin to get situated.

Hope to see ya in the field ;)
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  • Greetings,
    I would love to apply and make some new great friends to play with

    Origin: Aband00n
  • Hey,

    I'd love to join the 501st. I'd be happy to answer all of your questions :)

    Origin: MOFOMusa
  • Hey,
    I would love to join the 501st

  • Hello Khelt and -501st- family,
    I recently read this post and i have been playing SBF2 for awhile i used to see a lot of -501st- members around. I would like to be apart of the -501st- family. I tried to add u on origin and it said I could't find your name.

    My Origin is ItsClearly

    Thank you for your time and I hope u have a good day.
  • Hi I'd like to join as well. Can't find you on Origin though.
    My origin is "DarthLazze" or "[email protected]".

    Hope to hear from you!
  • Hi I'd like to join 501st but couldn't find you on Origin.
    Origin: Uher_Doru
    Happy to answer all questions
  • Khelt
    9 posts Member
    For everyone interested, Friend -Kaeltus- instead of searching for -501st-Khelt
  • BlastWave
    3 posts Member
    edited July 2018
    I'll join. I want to be a 501st.

    Origin: BlastWave2
  • Poscy
    2 posts Member
    I’m looking for decent teammates rather joining a solo GA that’s 3 kills away from being over lol

    Origin: Poscy

    I don’t usually join other discord’s as I’m in my private server most of the time with my close friends, but I don’t refuse to joIn the 501st :smile:
  • I would like to join. Always a pleasure to be a fighting man of the 501st!
  • i would love to join been looking for a cool group to play swbf2 with since all the new updates came out ^-^

    orgins: razgrizeNL

    ill happily join the interview too since i take quality over quantity in a discord ;)
  • I would really like the chance to be able to play with experienced players in game, and i look forward to being able to play with such players.

    Origin: MrS0cks14
  • Old man gaming "OMG" looking for clan here,
    Origin: Fuggz
  • gagecandoit

    looking forward to play with people and communicate. Playing alone with no one to talk to is kind of lame.
  • I would love some friends to play with :)

    Origin: elososueco94
  • Would like to join

    Origin: Clone-0008812
  • Grand_Admiral_Prawn
    2 posts Member
    edited September 2018
    Hey, I would very much like to join.

    Origin: GrndAdmiralPrawn

    Edit: Is it already too late for recruitment?
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  • No, just wait. Khelt will probably see this tomorrow and get in contact with you
  • Count me in B)

    Origin: Verperrin
  • Origin name: Topfivepls

    I hope I can join you guys
  • Hey there,

    I'm interested in joining the -501st- clan.

    ID: VG-Ferox
  • hey i am a 16 year old dude. would love to join this clan cause non of my friends play battlefront (all busy playing COD and fortnite), uhhh i have not seen you guys in a game yet (i think) my favorite class has got to be the officer. im decent at the game, but i just started playing pc recently. normally average about 23 kills and i play the objective. obviously english as thats what im typing in. live in america. so yeah hope yall accept me!
  • oh also my gamer tag is: nEllyjElly56
  • hey thanks so much for the friend invite!! was just wondering if this means I'm in the clan and what not
  • Well, accept the friend invite and talk with Khelt, he will give you the discord server and then come play & chat with the boys. :)
    The ability to speak does not make you intelligent. - Qui-Gon Jinn
    Never tell me the odds. - Han Solo
  • ok so i did that, but i havent gotten any discord invites yet :(
  • ok so i did that, but i havent gotten any discord invites yet :(

    You've talked to me right? talk to me through origin and I'll get you sorted
  • hey, when will you be on today? Im interested in joining! ill be available on discord at 245pm CST for about 6 hours or so. ill need to down load the game (i have it for PS4 currently so i wont be brand new).
  • hey, when will you be on today? Im interested in joining! ill be available on discord at 245pm CST for about 6 hours or so. ill need to down load the game (i have it for PS4 currently so i wont be brand new).

    Send an Origin friend request to me @ -501st-Kaeltus and I'll set you up ;)
  • ive sent messages. you want me to start a voice chat with you?
  • Hey, i'm intrested by your clan, how can i join it ?

    If it helps in any way my discord is Hareng#9782
  • Rimeraz
    40 posts Member
    edited November 2018
    (The first post is horrendously outdated, please read below.)

    If you are interested in joining the 501st, you may send friend requests to the following folks:

    -501st-Kaeltus (Icon with some Warmhammer CoD thing idk)

    -Ausilios- (Dark Magician Icon)

    -501st-Morris. (David Hasslehoff(?) in a white/grey suit in his garage with cars behind him Icon)

    Add them and talk with them to get started.

  • Done, i've send a request to Kaeltus
  • Hi,

    I wonder, how many of you are still active on the game ?

    By active, I mean at least 3-4 hours per week, on EU.

    See ya :)
  • Hi guys i'm looking to join/play battle front 2 please add me on origin Believe_k looking for active players to have fun with playing this game.
  • Aussielicous
    12 posts Member
    edited October 16
    My friends list is pretty long and thus makes it complicated to communicate with newly added friends. We can add as friends once invited to the server and spoken either over VC or chat text, as I've had instances of adding via Origin, but been ignored and given no responses.

    Thank you!
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  • -xqter92- would like to join ranks !
  • okeeday i sent you a discord request. did you say that was the one that got overflowed? or is that origin @Aussielicous
  • Baracuta
    5 posts Member
    edited February 21
    Heya, I'm LordBaracuta on Origin, and Baracuta on Discord. I've contacted Kaeltus as per the instructions of the OP, and I have contacted Ausilios on Discord.

    Hoping to get in and get some casual teamplay on with the lads in time to sport the blue of the 501st!
  • TheBommander, i'm interested in joining. Was a former General in -DE-.
  • LuGeR
    15 posts Member
    Im interested in joining, you all still recruiting?
  • Good day, I'm interested In joining your clan.

    Origin: Hayymen
  • Hello there, I'm interested in joining the clan.
    Origin: asdjklvn
  • Hello there, I'm interested in joining the clan.

    Origin: CT-5830-Forest
  • Hi! I´m interested to!

    Origin: abiangustavo
  • Hello there, i've been looking forward to this! :smiley: 
  • Hi. Just sent a friend request.

    Origin: Sarri8060
  • Hey if yall are still active id love to join!

    ORIGIN: Chubbtacular

    DISCORD: Chubbtacular#8744
  • I am also interested in signing up to this clan. I am over 16 and have spotted players in games i have played in
  • My socials as well,

    ORIGIN: YoungNboi97
    Discord: Realboi
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