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[501st] PC clan looking for skilled players



  • Yo Khelt I'm 24 and I've been playing video games forever; got BF2 a couple months ago cause I heard it was much improved from launch and I loved the 2005 game. I've started to consistently get 1st place in most of my lobbies and thought it would be fun to play with other good people to relive my old CoD pubstomping days; I can imagine that a full organized party of good players would be able to farm super hard in this game. I'm very competent at and enjoy playing most modes: HvV, GA, CT and even SA. I'm online very consistently. Sent you a friend request on Origin.

    Origin: keller_danger

    Discord: keller
  • Aussielicous
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    edited October 2019
    Ausilios aka Dank Magician speaking on behalf of the 501st Community:

    I would like to provide a small update for anyone viewing this post and looking to join The 501st.

    Khelt has recently decided to leave the Discord and SWBFII - And in doing so, by his own accord, have now passed the mantle on to me to continue his legacy.

    If you are trying to add me to join The 501st as detailed in the opening post, it will no longer work.

    My Discord ID has changed and will not be shared until recruitment is reopened.

    With passing on the mantle, the 501st Community is turning a new leaf and have voted to see an updated and a more well kept Forum Recruitment Post.

    So, there will be a new Forum post - detailing how to join the community, with updated details and recruitment process; determined on a case-to-case basis.

    Keep an eye out! We'll be posting a new Recruitment Post in the near future.

    Thank you. May the Force be with you, always.

    - Ausilios -

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    Looking for a (PC) Community to play Star Wars with on a daily basis?
    Competitive or casual; We play objective, use teamwork and most importantly - have lots of fun.
    Join The 501st
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