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Error Code : 216

469 posts Member
My patience has ended.
Since May 4th I have this error everysingle time when i am trying to play SA with my friends. They are on AUS server, while me playing from japan!
We tried to fix by our own but we didnt find anything usefull what would fix this increadibly annoying and awfull issue!
Another friend of mine has the same issue when he try to join into our AUS friends room.
Some info-god friends said, maybe the new Nvidia driver trolled in something, but whatever it is, pls take a look!
Thank you!


  • Seronax
    469 posts Member
    STILL CANT JOIN! My net is fine(IPv4) etc. tried many methods, changed drivers, STill not working....What shall i do?????

  • I got the same error right now. i Play from spain and i love the game but is not possible to even connect to a single game. even using tunnelbear i get this error and some others like 721 and 416
  • Getting a lot of lag in Spain today as well
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