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Wait for battlefront 3 guys

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All the content you guys wanted will be in this game. EA/Dice promises you everything . Wait for news at E3 2018.


  • Not too far from the truth, everything we want will be in the third game (or Battlefront 5, whatever you want to call it lol)
  • Assassino37
    1104 posts Member
    I don't even know what they would do differently in BF 3 to even bother making a 3rd. They might as well just continue supporting and dropping content for this game. It's going to take that long to get everything anyway.
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  • soon....
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  • Devlin21
    8308 posts Member
    not coming for years so......

  • Alex64
    5871 posts Member
    If math doesn't fail, we'll have a new game next year.
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