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Change How Overtime Works

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Change is so instead of when you cap 1 objective out of multiple objective you instead get 10-15 tickets. there is not enough time to get from 1 objective to another. And don't say "it requires a team effort" if you aren't going to put in Team VOIP. You can't rely on a team you can't talk to, at that point that's just luck. You can't make call outs like "about to cap, everyone rush the other objective" The only time there should be the time bar is like how a capture area works when you are out of tickets but you have players inside the objective.

Also to add to that. The other type of objective need to have their own time bar overtime like area objective does. Either like make it so if the defense disarms the objective or kills the players holding the button to cap that you get either a longer time bar since it is way harder, because all area objective requires is that you be there, or make it do if a player is standing close by then the overtime holds. Those objectives are far more harder because they rely one 1 player so if he dies its game over for the most part and so defense can sit miles away back and shoot vs area objectives require more that you need to be there to clear them out, shooting from afar won't help much. Good example is Endor phase 1 where the objective next to the ATAT literally is a snipefest. Even your team holds the area, the snipers can pick you off from a 270 degree horizontal angle with a 45 degree vertical from more than 30 meters away. That is a lot of open space that everyone on 1 team in an overtime has to hold which it sometimes comes down to. And, again, you can't communicate to teammates so you can't expect an officer to know when to throw down another shield when they bleed through the last. "my deplorable shield is about to collapse, someone drop another on the objective". Until we get VOIP communicate, we have no way to communicate on the fly in the heat of the battle. Personally I would more perfer a VOIP but I feel that is never going to happen, or they do but they default settings put VOIP to OFF and so no one knows it actually exists because you should default it to ON until they set it to OFF.

So simple solution for more fairness to the offense. make each capped objective get the offense 10-15 tickets on multiple objectives per phase. and when offense runs out of tickets that the overtime comes in on area, hold and arm objective types when a player is close. Area gets the biggest vs the hold and arm, that require 1 player, has to be right in that area. I have seen numerous times players roll in and are literally right there but game ends because those ares are much more of an annoyance. For the defense to win, they need to keep the offense out of those areas entirely. This would make it the most balance.
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