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Another Type of Skin options for SWBFII(To make extra money?)

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I know we all hate having to pay for extra anything in this game but with so few ways for ea to make extra money with swbfll,(Which is why the team working on dlc is so small now and why it takes so much longer to get anything done)What about adding some type of new skin options to star fighters and other types of ships and ground veichiles,various factions in wartime have costumized there war machines,so why couldn't that work here,the star wars universe has had many a unique look for various ship types,so along with characters skins why not add ship and veichiles skins as something extra to make extra money on?(Could lead to better or faster dlc.)


  • They didn't get their gambling in the game so now they are holding it to ransom with very little content, I don't buy into this rubbish that a multi billion dollar company needs to have a constant revenue stream to make good content
  • They can also implement new skins for Enforcer and Ariel classes for different eras much like the base trooper classes! I’m down for different color battle droids!
  • We can't have full customisation because kids moan about "canon" and "immersion"
  • DrX2345
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    Honestly I think at this point, some kind of season pass/early access paid upgrade could actually work. Maybe $10 for two weeks early access to new heroes? I think a lot of people would probably pay for that, and it's not pay to win per se, as everyone will get the opportunity to play those heroes later. I think that would be a pretty good option for revenue.
    As you said, some Starfighter customisation could be cool. I know Clone vehicles were often customised with stuff like animal designs, you could have different colour X, A and Y wings, there are some TIE fighter customisation options etc.
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    Imagine it

    A horde of Bipedal Millennium Falcons with cheeseburgers for legs
    If there seems to be random words or phrases in my post that don't make sense, blame Autocorrect.
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