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More characters like Anakin from both episode ii and episode iii

131 posts Member
More types of clones like Republic Commandos, more variants of droids


  • yeahhhh, we want more heroes.

    And I'll praying to have Jyn of Rogue One
  • CeymalRen
    890 posts Member
    Nah. Vader is already in game. Vader and Anakin on one map would just look... wrong.

    Also I'll pass on all the prequel stuff.
  • RC2074
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    edited May 2018
    Same goes with that freak Rey or emo Kylo showing up during Clone Wars.. So your arguments have absolutely no weight..
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  • RC2074
    131 posts Member
    Then I say it as misplaced as when Kylo the Emo Ren and Rey the Mary Sue shows up in the Clone Wars part of the game. And I hate the Sequels.
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