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Season 2 Rant

Did I miss something? Where was season 1? TLJ content was withheld launch content due to the schedule of the game release and the film.

I keep reading about buying skins for future content....I purchased the deluxe edition.....HvV is broken, SA has too much space junk to enjoy a decent dogfight, no new content for Strike since launch, no new guns, new abilities or heroes worth noting and we are six months in.

I purchased SWBF1 and all the DLCs. That game needs three fixes to move out of reach, 1. The roll mechanic from SWBF2, work to stop the modded controller gangs from cheating and DLC maps to be included in the normal rotation. It has Cargo, Droid Run, Extraction....All better modes, it has Pancake Face, Greedo, Dengar all awesome Villians, more maps, more modes, better guns and load out choice and a stats screen. Plus we got regular patches and knew when the DLCs were going to be launched.

SWBF2 was the number one selling game over Christmas, this game has yet to deliver. I played SWBF1 religiously for two years, I am already bored with this one. I am losing hope,

Dice/EA, you need to give me something to believe in, like a huge content drop around me Clone Wars, with the return of the aforementioned modes and Villians before I would consider plowing anymore money into this lame duck. Drop the content and I will support you, no more goodwill. We need to feel our original investment has been money well spent.

Sorry about the salty rant....
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