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August Community Calendar
Battle Point Event Heroes Unleashed

Bring all multiplayer modes, the progression system, and online coop to Arcade

If the leaks are true, and multiplayer support does not have a bright future, then I think Arcade is where this game can still have a long shelf life. Starfighter Assault is just the start. As the title says:
  1. Bring the rest of the multiplayer modes to Arcade. Bring Galactic Assault, Blast, Strike, and Heroes vs Villains to Arcade with all their maps. Bring the Hunt mode, Jetpack Cargo, and this new Heroes mode as well. Let us play all these modes against the AI.
  2. Bring the progression system to Arcade. Allow us to rank up either in Arcade or online multiplayer. Other games like TitanFall 2 and Overwatch do this. They have modes vs AI that also allow you to rank up your overall multiplayer rank. The XP earned should be scaled by AI difficulty.
  3. Open up Arcade mode to be played via online coop with friends. Some of us don't have anyone to play the couch coop with. Online coop would be a great added feature that could allow friends over distance to enjoy Arcade together.


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