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New Milestone Challenges coning up for the Solo Season

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So we are getting new milestones for the Solo Season etc and the new 3 tier for the troopers etc, do you guys think it's worth the grinf for the pittance tehy reward or do yo agree they should offer double


  • jonci
    980 posts Member
    Sorry hit post before i edited for spelling and grammar, meant to say do you think they should offer the double XP points for them to make them worthwhile.
  • Jello770
    5592 posts Member
    They should definitely double the payout of completing them
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  • univurshul
    1667 posts Member
    Sure, I'm down with more payout; I suppose up until now completing the game more about just general OCD goals than a measly 250c haha

    They also need to fix the current milestones that are bugged & frozen on my xbox copy. being stuck on 99% all the time and not being able to do anything about it kinda deterred my interest to look at the career milestones page.

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