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I'd like to toss this out there just to see how other people feel about it.

One of my only gripes with the game stems from my own impatience, surely, but waiting for that blasted 10 second countdown timer to finish before I can finally respawn back into the action and go after the person who just lit me up or try to nab the objective before it's too late absolutely drives me crazy.

I find the pacing in Blast's somewhat shorter countdown to be far less frustrating, but waiting through the countdown on both Galactic and Starfighter Assault, as well as Strike, just makes my teeth grind.

Does anyone else here feel the same about this, or am I just a spaz who needs to learn to relax more?
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  • Sadly, it appears that after allowing this thread to simmer for a few days with no responses that I may be the only person here who feels this way. Perhaps I AM in serious need of some form or another of anger management/patience therapy.

  • Jello770
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    I honestly feel the same way.
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  • I think you need to have a little more patience, but honestly I don't play strike because it's 10 seconds long. Blast and Strike should be 5. I mostly play GA or Blast.
  • TweeterTrash
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    Thank you for the comments!

    I guess it comes down to personal play style? I suppose I can see how some players might be totally okay with a 10 second respawn timer in GA & SA. Since posting this I've paid more attention to when it annoys me most, and found that it isn't ALWAYS an issue...


    When things are getting hectic, or when I need to get back into an area to try to save my teammates who were up ahead of me from the guy who just snuck up on me from behind and took me out, or when an objective needs to be taken fast, and most ESPECIALLY in Overtime, I find THAT is when I am most prone to mash the X button and cuss the game out for making us lose... AGAIN... by not giving myself and others who would want it at the time the option to skip the whole "Spawn Buddy System" process and jump right back into the action and maybe, just MAYBE, save the day.

    So, yeah... Pretty much most times in each match aside from the very start or those few rare times when I'm distracted by something else momentarily between spawns. ;D
  • A lot has changed since I originally wrote this. Geonosis was added to the game, along with three of the four new Heroes that were promised at E3 and Anakin is mere days away. The new Squad System was also introduced, which completely eliminated any need for the Respawn Timer to remain in the game!

    Yet it STILL remains in the game. 😠

    Granted, since writing this there HAVE been several weekend events that have allowed timer-free respawn gameplay as a feature, and there is also no timer at all anywhere in Extraction. These examples have offered the player base a wealth of opportunities to experience gameplay in this way, and I've seen an overwhelming flood of positive response to it on social media every time the feature has been introduced.

    If you'd like to join me in trying to convince DICE to completely and permanently remove the redundantly obsolete Respawn Timer from Battlefront 2, simply reply to this thread with the word "tick".

    Let's see "How Many 'Ticks' It Takes" to get DICE's attention, and perhaps convince them to help us all by flipping the "off" switch one last time and permanently removing this infuriating barrier once and for all that has needlessly stood between we the players and the fun ever since launch.


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