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Abandoning BF2?

Theres a rumor that EA will abandon BF2. Is it true? If not, you should release a statement.



  • I have been suspecting of this possibility since about 3 months ago, before the progress system change.
    BUT... After the patch that came this morning, I changed my mind. I don't think that they would make such a heavy change in the UI if they were planning to leave the game. In fact it looks like a "hey guys, we're still there for the game!".

    Just a personal analysis.
  • Cahhmakt
    130 posts Member
    Oh a season that came 6 months after the first “season” changed your mind? They pulled the carpet out in front of the community by doing a solo season instead of a clone wars season.
  • The Solo Season was possibly planned since before the game launch. The unsatisfactory amount of content from episodes 1/2/3 was a conceptual error.
    What I tried to say is that EA has been spending to much work correcting their mistakes (pay-to-win, progress system, old UI...), and it looks like they have found a path to minimize the dissatisfaction of the community.
  • Thank you! I also believe the game found the correct path for the future. See you all on the battlefront!
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