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Really simple and easily programmable fix for lightsaber combat - to make it authentic and fun

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edited May 2018
Lightsaber combat has always been pretty lame and non-authentic in this game. Now that this new patch has removed the block break on jumping-swing, lightsaber combat is even more stale - since this leaves one with no way through a block.

Here is a super simple fix that can be easily programmed:
  • Get rid of the block stun and make the attacking and blocking quick and fluid like in the movies. Use the blocking animations that are used for blasters. Give the blocker less stamina than the attacker so that eventually the blocker will have to attack, evade, or get hit.

A secondary additional simple fix that would augment this first change is:
  • Add back the block stun, but only if the block button is pressed/timed perfectly with the opponent's attack
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