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Starfighter Arcade stutter issue

313 posts Member
Has anyone else noticed that during Starfighter Arcade gameplay the game would begin to shake/stutter which even affects the HUD? This issue randomly occurs and seems to only stop if the players ship is destroyed. I've noticed this issue happens on console and PC version.


  • Slevi17
    25 posts Member
    Yes I'm having the same issue :(
  • RC2074
    131 posts Member
    off topic yet topic... I notice a bug when flying Darth Mauls fighter.. the inside view from his starship do not show ..only see the nose of his ship.. not really cockpit view..
  • AxeWin
    45 posts Member
    Ships Still Wiggle like crazy this bug is in arcade only.
  • SAM4XE
    313 posts Member
    Two patches later and it still happens. How Starfighter Arcade got past the bug testing stage boggles the mind.
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