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Play styles?

I’m curious on this. What is your play style when it comes to choosing a class or hero?

For me, my favorite classes are Assult, Officer, and Specialist.

My favorite reinforcements to use would be the death trooper, flame trooper, and any jumptrooper besides the Imperial one.

My favorite heroes to use are Vader, Luke, Kylo, Rey, Bossk, Chewie, Boba and Han.

How about you guys?


  • F03hammer
    5012 posts SWBF Senior Moderator
    Dependant on group make up / how the match is going.
    Generally I play specialist the least.
    Heroes I like play as Lando, Yoda and Rey in HVV
    DS I play as Vader, The Senate, or Bossk
    I like FT on SKB and Maz's and Crait
    I never really play aerial
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  • UrbanGlitch
    2403 posts Member
    I Flank all the time, no matter the class
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  • Jbstiner
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    edited May 2018
    1. Heavy preferred for modes that require something be destroyed (ATAT, MTT, etc). I run explosive sentry, ion torpedo, ion turret and either ion or explosive shot.
    2. Officer in most other situations as I'm not really a run-and-gun type player . Improved turret, battle command and flash grenade.
    3. Assault when I need just a little more umph

    I'm not very good with lightsaber heroes, so I tend to prefer the following
    1. Dark - Bossk, Iden, Maul
    2. Light - Chewbacca

    I actually tend to prefer enforcers over heroes. I love saving up a bunch of BPs so that I can run enforcers non-stop towards the end of the match.
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  • Empire_TW
    4465 posts Member
    I pick assault because he is a pretty good frontliner and I love the default soldiers.

    As for heroes I try to stay era accurate for the map in GA but in general I just play as my favorite characters Vader, Iden, and Lando.
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  • RyanTPR
    88 posts Member
    1. Specialist
    2. Officer / Assault
    3. Heavy

    Specialist is currently my favourite, trying to Level 35 it so I can complete my two rare cards to epic. I use it to defend team mates when the are carrying the objective and same with the opponents.

    Officer / Assault are basically tied for me, Assault - scan dart and invade. Officer place down the turret and defend.

    Heavy is when our team is in overtime I use the Heavy for the explosive rounds to take out enemies.

    Favourite heroes to use.
    1. Rey
    2. Luke Skywalker
    3. Kylo Ren
    4. Iden Versio
    5. Darth Vader
    6. Darth Maul
  • saltydog
    721 posts Member
    edited May 2018
    Assault 90% of time , Heavy 10%.
    Pressure ,pressure ,pressure , objectives and target hero’s at all cost. I never play hero’s, I don’t care much for the button smash and playing the hero just ain’t my thing. Wrecking them at any cost is more my speed..
  • Jello770
    5592 posts Member
    Specialist 90%

    Officer 10%
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  • Agressive Heavy all day long, i dislike heroes so i usually run enforcers instead.
  • danilojbg
    837 posts Member
    My base is officer. Situational heavy to destroy MTT and similars.

    As for heroes, it depends on the map. But I'm not that good with them to be honest.
  • Spiito
    1349 posts Member
    Class: Officer. (S-5)
    Reinforcement: Rocket trooper.
    Heroes: Lando, Kylo.

    Notes: The Darkside requires a pistol user. (This could be fixed if they gave Phasma her deleted scene pistol, or if they add/port Greedo...) I'd like to see dual wielding pistols in the game.
  • Midichlorian
    1394 posts Member
    edited May 2018
    Galactic Assault
    LS Heroes: Rey and Yoda, Insight and Presence are both very useful team abilities.
    DS: Bossk. One of my groupmates usually picks Bossk and I will bodyguard him with Vader. Maul and Kylo if our team is steamrolling to the final phase.
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  • Skowsa
    316 posts Member
    I am usually a 90:10 Heavy:Officer split type player but recently I have been running officer a whole lot more. I am closeer to 50:50 now. I only play Specialist or Assault when I hit the wrong button.

    Generally I try to flank the enemy when on the attack and try to protect my team's flanks when defending. My play style (and reaction time) doesn't work well with a run and gun type play.

    Heroes when I can be bothered to use them are mainly Lando and Bossk. Enforcers are as rare as agreement in these forums.
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  • t3hBar0n
    5000 posts Member
    My playstyles for both Heavy and heroes are in my sig.
  • I've been playing all trooper classes evenly lately. Favorite heroes are: Maul, Vader, Boba, Yoda, Rey, Chewie. It does depend on the current phase of GA for the heroes if I have options. Maul, Boba, Yoda, Rey if first or second phase. Vader, Rey, or Chewie if in the final phase.
  • Although I haven't had a chance to play as Luke with the new buff in GA. Maybe he will become one of my favorites.
  • My play style = ridiculously aggressive
  • LaurenXIV
    442 posts Member

    I play the Specialist the most. On CQC maps Ill choose the A280-CFE, on longer range maps the IQA-11 or the NT-242 depending on my mood. My current starcards are resourceful, stealth and... I cant remember what its called but whatever makes the health regeneration faster. Ill generally try to flank objectives and take people out that way, but it depends on the map. Sometimes Ill be securing objectives/firing rockets or whatever.

    OVERALL my next most-used class is the Heavy. Its actually my highest levelled class but I use it less often than the Specialist (that's #2). It was a class I HATED for a long time. Until I discovered Barrage <3
    I use the TL-50, my star cards are Barrage, Resourceful and Supercharged Sentry. I couldnt stand to use the heavy's shield because my playstyle is more fast-paced/mobile I guess??? So when I exchanged it for Barrage it made the class much better for me. Instead of tanking with the shield Ill just use Barrage to clear corridors and whatever. Its one of my favorite abilities tbh :)

    At the moment my 2nd most used class is the Officer, but its just because Im trying to unlock the SE-44C rapid fire. Its not a class I use often most of the time though.

    I really barely use the Assault class. It's a good class, just not for me tbh


    For the Dark Side Ill usually choose Iden or Phasma. I only enjoy saber users during HvV.

    For the light side... Lando, maybe???


    It varies on the phase/map :)
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  • t3hBar0n
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    edited May 2018
    Here is my playstyle as of today.

  • AVGN
    468 posts Member
    Go Rambo and flank, get a 5/6 killstreak, die, rinse, repeat, get Vader, go Rambo, get a 60 killstreak, win the match or die trying.
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  • univurshul
    1667 posts Member
    I’m curious on this. What is your play style when it comes to choosing a class or hero?

    For me, my favorite classes are Assult, Officer, and Specialist.

    My favorite reinforcements to use would be the death trooper, flame trooper, and any jumptrooper besides the Imperial one.

    My favorite heroes to use are Vader, Luke, Kylo, Rey, Bossk, Chewie, Boba and Han.

    How about you guys?


    CLASS: TWI'LEK w/a huge long blaster :*
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    I use everything, in HvV I use all heroes, in GA I usually pick Yoda and Iden, but I've been trying them all recently
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  • GenxDarchi
    6878 posts Member
    Specialist aggressive scout. Cautious? Yes. Sniping? No.
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  • Plup17
    34 posts Member
    Does dying a lot count as a play style?
  • t3hBar0n wrote: »
    Here is my playstyle as of today.

    How do you have the red circle and dot aiming reticle inside of the regular white one?
  • t3hBar0n
    5000 posts Member
    awakespace wrote: »
    t3hBar0n wrote: »
    Here is my playstyle as of today.

    How do you have the red circle and dot aiming reticle inside of the regular white one?
  • G_Bang_3
    110 posts Member

    Assault: only when we need to get through a clogged area, I run assault training, toughen up, and either Killstreak vanguard or slug vanguard, with the a280

    Heavy: only when we need something to clog up an area: I run body guard, expert weapons handling, and shield, with the dc-15le

    Officer: I like to support others so it's my main I run bounty hunter, recharge command and either one of the turrent shield or disruption depends on the scenario with the blurrg

    Specialist: if we can't find who's where when capturing something I run stealth, resourceful and scramble infiltration, I don't shoot with the scramble unless I have too, with the a280cfe

    Both enforcers and jet troopers are the same, they have increase max health and cards that boost their abilities

    All of the vehicles I use are the same all 3 slots are to boost the abilities

    Hero's I'll give my top 2 from either side

    Main Yoda I run both of the presence cards with Jedi mentor once I buff everyone's health I jump to the front and absorb all of the damage for other teammates to shoot it fits my play style perfectly
    Secondary pick Finn I run the deadeye card the give you more time when you kill someone and the 2 for big deal that boost range and reduces time before you can use it again. Similar here to Yoda just boost others and eliminate big threats if possible

    Dark side:

    Main Palpatine, well his papa palps love using him with extra range and both cards that boost chain lightning not much to be said here
    Secondary main honestly I'm liking phasma alot now the cards I use are I rotation of the droid and boost range of the droid every 3 kills and the card that reduces damage when in survivor
  • AVGN
    468 posts Member
    Plup17 wrote: »
    Does dying a lot count as a play style?

    Hey, as long as you get that objective running...
    What were they thinking?
  • I alternate between Heavy and Officer. Heavy for brute force when rushing, Officer for better aim and the auto-100 HP. I used to play Assault but the other two classes are easier for me. I still haven't passed the default gun for specialist.

    Typically I play the objective for the most BP, expect when there's a gunship or speeder. I usually don't get hero until third phase, but if I had the choice either Maul/Vader/Kylo or Lando/Rey (depends on era).
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    edited May 2018
    Anyone here play in 1st person for ground battles? I'm thinking about doing it for BF2. Idk.
  • t3hBar0n
    5000 posts Member
    Anyone here play in 1st person for ground battles? I'm thinking about doing it for BF2. Idk.

    You will be at a large tactical disadvantage... butnif you wan to just go for it!
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  • DrX2345
    2888 posts Member
    Anyone here play in 1st person for ground battles? I'm thinking about doing it for BF2. Idk.
    I used to, and it does look really good, but as t3hBar0n said, you will be at a large disadvantage as you can't easily peek round corners without putting your head out in the open.

    As for my playstyle:
    Assault: able to both flank and push in from the front. Grenades are very useful. Vanguard to get from point to point mainly rather than a weapon, but I'll use the actual shotgun if I'm behind some people to wipe them out. I try to vary my primary weapon depending on the situation - although I do like the A280 quite a lot, very satisfying to use.
    Heavy: high explosive, basically the embodiment of grenade spam. Improved Impact/Detonite on left, Barrage on right, Resourceful so I can use them 40% more often. Mainly full on attack, but with the TL-50 I find it's quite good to try and flank to get a bit closer before you melt through the enemy.
    Officer: support the team whilst staying alive. Everyone in my area, including myself, has boosted regen, and I'll either give people health or enable even more grenade spam XD.
    Specialist: frontline sniper, I run around shielding myself from damage, using cover as much as possible, and landing those sweet headshots with my NT to reset heat. And if I can get behind you, you better watch out - they don't call me One Punch Man for no reason.

    My favourite Enforcer is the Death Trooper. I'd like to see more Light Side enforcer variety - Galactic Marines?

    Aerial can be fun to use. I like the Republic, Rebel and FO aerials more than their era's counterpart, although the B2 is decent as well.

    Favourite Heroes: Lando is very fun and satisfying to use, Han is pretty good. Leia's ok. I don't really like using lightsaber users on the LS.
    Favourite Villains: Boba's fun to use if a little weak in terms of his health and his primary weapon. Iden is also fun and viable, and since the recent patch, I've found Captain Phasma is actually pretty good if you can play her right. And her staff, now that it works better, is actually very good! Because of the lunge, you can use it to jump towards enemy troops a little better - yesterday three clones were running at me in the Venator, I ran at the first one, killed him, then hit the next one twice and finished off the last one with my gun - all while taking about 50 damage total. Pretty good!

    As a hero, I tend to try and play the objective, but I will get as many kills as I can without taking massive risks. I don't tend to get huge streaks, but I can get up to 25 kills with Lando in a good spot (flanked round to the far stairway, then just used the Disabler to hide my location and zap people then get them with sharp shot.
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    Imagine it

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