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Forest of Endor

How to improve the specalist.

While specialist is my favorite class to play we can agree it is the weakest of the bunch because it doesn't do anything much better than other classes.

I am not saying you cant do good with the specialist. I have and other players do all the time but still.

So after much thinking this is what I came up with.

First Change the health to 120. 100 is to little compared to the other classes. I feel 120 gives it enough to be more aggressive while still having to be cautious.

Second remove the fire rate cap from all semi auto guns in the class, yes even the NT242. The only limiting factor of how fast a semi auto can fire should be the ability of the player to press the trigger. As fast as I can press that trigger that gun should fire I don't care how inaccurate it is.

Third change the stinger pistol. Either it should be made into a desert eagle hand canon or made full auto like a G18.
Right now its near useless. Its funny to use but not very useful and either changing it into a hand canon or a machine pistol is the only way I can see it becoming useful.

Fourth. Infiltration should give you a cloak when you are not shooting. Just something I thought would be cool.

Fifth give the class a star card that spawns a probe droid. The probe droid should follow the player and mark targets for the team and fire at random enemies. It should only go away when destroyed.

There I fixed it or in theory I did. Add other suggestions if you want but this is what I think needs to be done.

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