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PC Aussies.. How are you getting into games??

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G'day all, I took a few weeks off, and decided last night to have a few games of GA after a long week at work.

I sat for nearly 15 mins trying to get a game.... GA or Ewok, nope, not a single queue ever 'popped' and all I got were empty lobbies..

This was prime time Australia for gaming ... 8pm, Friday night.

i have read several times that we can change servers, but is that just the 'ping' thing in the EA settings?

HELP? I want to love this game again, but it's doing it's best to push me away!!


  • Plup17
    50 posts Member
    Hey man, I was on pc last night around that time playing GA. So there was one match going, albeit a lopsided one. It seemed to be quiet full, so u must have missed out being able to join. You can only really find GA or HvV on the Aussie servers now. You can change the server site in the settings, if you join a US server u should matches but could face lag issues. .
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