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August Community Calendar

Let's Talk About Hero Showdown

Hey everyone, there doesn't seem to be much talk about Hero Showdown on the forums, which is too bad because I think it's one of the best modes in the game. I've had some of most intense, thrilling, tactical battles with people in this mode.

When it first came out I think there was a problem with teammates running off and doing their own thing, but as the week has progressed I'm finding more and more players realizing they have to work as a team. And if you get with four good players it's easily some of the most fun I've had since launch.

But I'm very disappointed after I realized last night that they were just going to use all of the HvV maps for the mode. This feels like a huge mistake. It makes much more sense to use the blast maps, or new sections of the maps entirely, which have a better variety of CQC and range combat. To me, the entire tactical challenge of the mode is trying to lure someone onto parts of the map that are favorable to you, which is impossible in a place like the outside of Starkiller Base.

It also seems strange that the mode doesn't allow you to play both factions on each map. The games are so short that I'm not tired of a map by the time one is complete.

And finally, I this mode screams for a private server option. I know this is something that people have been asking for for a while, but it's the first time I've genuinely felt its absence. It feels like such a perfect mode to play with four friends on. I'm surprised the game is inaccessible if you have more than two people in your party. If you have four people it should just split you up into teams.

But other than those things I think the mode is fantastic. I get excited when I find a good team to go up against. It's intimate enough that after you play a few matches against people you start to understand their strengths and weaknesses as players and use that knowledge in game.

What do you guys think about the mode?
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