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I am slowly growing bored of this game. While I enjoy the game play the lack of game modes is getting to me. I am not a person that plays 1 game mode over and over. I tend to like switching between multiple in games. Like Battlefield 1 I tend to play every game modes in that game.

But in this game I don't enjoy either heroes vs villains game modes.

Nor do I enjoy galactic assault because the game are to short. Compare Galactic assault vs Operations from Battlefield 1.

Galactic assault matches can go by in 10 minutes compared to the hour long matches you can get with Operations. I really enjoy game modes that last a long time. I would rather play 1 really long match than multiple shorter faster matches.

I feel this game really needs 2 more large infantry game modes. I would personally add turning for within the next few months and then something like conquest. But I am not the games developer.

But if they really wanted to wow me they would make a game mode similar to Command and Conquer Renegade or the Fan Remake Renegade X.

2 teams have a base with multiple key buildings. First team to destroy the enemy base wins. Matches can last forever.

That is an EA game so the own the rights to that game mode.

This game also does not have enough classes. What there are 4 + 2 special. This isn't enough.

Going back to Renegade. The GDI and Nod have 14. Ok well GDI have 7 with 7 heroes where node has 11 classes and 4 heroes.

Ok so i just want this but star wars. Thats what this thread is about.

Ea Owns the rights to this fan remake game so there shouldn't be any problems.

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