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Strike maps, redesign, fixes, reworking etc

I highly doubt the devs will ever get round to this, but thought a wee discussion for all strike fans out there, i like the mode as its like a mini GA with no heroes to tip the balance, however some maps are badly weighted in favour of one side

Maz's castle: is an absolute nightmare for the FO, once you get the package it can be brutal to get out the castle, but then in the open it is an utter grenade and turret fest to get anywhere near the extraction, once the package is dropped it usually ends up back at the castle, id suggest changing it to the resistance having to steal the package back from the FO before the ship can take off (make it a time limit) the open space means the FO can set up a defence but the resistance can attack from various angles

Starkiller Base: nightmare for the resistance, once 4 or 5 officers drop their turrets at 2 of the 4 entrances to the hanger they can take up camping positions from the high ground (damn you george lucas and your high ground nonsense) the doors in are a bottleneck that even wookies cant survive going through, couple with the openness of the objectives means its very difficult for resistance to win this, given the nature of the map id suggest giving more cover at the objectives so if the resistance storms the hangar they get some protection while taking the objective

Kashyyyk, difficult for both camps, however the objectives are a bit too hidden, to easy for people to camp at the objectives, coupled with the tightness of the map its pretty hard to sneak up on the objective as usually someone is trying to shoot you from all angles, best thing i can think of is in game comms so teams can push one objective

Naboo, nightmare for the droids, alpha target is far too open, if there isnt a team playing strike the droids struggle to win, id make the objectives more covered, the map is good in that its quite open but the objectives have no cover whatsoever,

Jakku: too easy for rocket troopers to jump to the extraction point, far too easy, id say change the map to the resistance having to blow up the objective, the location is ideal for defence purposes

Endor, brutal, needs to be two exits from the bunker, then if the rebels manage to escape the killbox they have a package way out in the open thats far too hard to defend, id change it so that the empire has to storm the bunker and defuse a bomb/virus etc, the bunker has a few ways to the objective so when the empire get to the bunker they can access the objective via a few paths

Kamino and death star are very good maps, very nicely balanced, same as hoth (hoth is a brilliant map)

Obviously this is just my opinion, but i would definitely like some changes to strike to make all the maps balanced so they are all enjoyable
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