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Spawn Points in HvV

I don’t know if it’s just me but I am really not liking these spawning points, I take out an enemy right?.... and just a few seconds literally seconds later he comes back and it’s just wave after wave after wave until they get to me as the target I have had maul spawn right in front of my face lol and Vader right behind him on Jabbas palace but idk I could be wrong maybe it’s just me.


  • You are not wrong, the spawning is messed up as well as target allocation. You can literally become the target whilst get killed. I liked it better before when you always spawned far away. Now these noobs just camp with the target in the spawn and you have to kill the enemy team 3 times over just to get to the target.
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    Whenever they updated the game it broke something and screwed up the spawns, they are yet to fix them
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