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Starfighter Assault Question

I am not sure what is meant by "playing the objective" when the objective is to defend something, like a cruiser or the tractor beams. Should I be attacking ships that are trying to attack the objectives? Should I stay very close to the objective and wait for attackers to come close? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks


  • Dezert
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    Periodically through a match, starfighters will spawn and announcer will say to defend or attack. They'll appear out of the far reaches of the map borders and come into range. They'll be marked so you'll know (they are bots).

    Most maps have a stage where the objective is a moving or stationary large ship with all or parts of it marked as objective. Just blast the hell out of it.

    Some of the objective are tucked inside structures or ships.

    All objectives are marked. As you play SFA you'll get a feel for when the squadrons of bots will spawn on the outskirts of the map, those are the easiest to complete the challenge "destroy an objective". The challenge "getting objective points" is easy because you just blast away at one of the large ships marked as objective (you don't have to destroy it).
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