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Saber Hero Blocks And Shock Abilities Are Broken

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edited May 2018
I noticed this with all the saber heroes that can block. All their blocks are having issues. I block and half the time blaster bolts and enemy lightsabers still go through. Yoda's block doesn't always block blaster bolts, Rey, Luke, Vader, Kylo their lightsabers don't always block blaster or lightsaber strikes.

And also noticed that shock abilities like Lando, Chewie, Iden, and Palpy don't work 25-50% of the time. The other day I was playing HvV Showdown with a friend. He goes "hit it", our queue to when to throw down Chewie's shock device to shock the enemy so that we then can wail on them with as much DPS as possible, and it did nothing. I threw it and it just disappeared, and it did this several times while playing HvV that day. I played GA as well and noticed this happened a few times, people are in the blast radius of shock nades from Lando/Chewie or in the shock waves of iden/palpy area of effect and the enemies are not getting affected. Especially if they roll or do some sort of animation while the shockwave/drone is activated, they won't be affected.

And I was raging when this was happening in HvV Showdown as it would cause us to rush in and lose because the game malfunction to do its job and properly apply shock to the enemy and my friend said that ya he saw my character, Chewie, do the animation of throwing, then the grenade went out and hit the ground, sometimes it did show the shockwave animation and FX on the ground go off. But nothing happened after that, no affect happened to the enemies. Especially if they roll or do an animation while the shock ability was deployed, even if they were still in the area of effect. And even if they did roll out, they should still be affected as they were still in the area when the shock ability was activated so it should still apply to them.

So shock abilities and saber hero blocking are intermittently not functioning. it happens some matches it feels like a good 50% of the time these blocking and shock abilities don't work but sometimes as little as 15-25% of the time. No way to see it as it happens to keep track but its definitely happening. Needs to be fixed in next update.


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