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December CC

Battlefront 3 gameplay framework

Player Movement changes:
1. R3 (ps4) now controls dodge/take cover movements.
• Clicking it causes the player to take a short, quick movement sideways or forward, this movement drains only a small amount of energy but doesn't do a whole lot to help players avoid incoming fire, just helps players get behind cover a little faster. It's not a roll, more like a drastic sidestep, or a quick duck forwards and backwards.
• Holding it causes the player to take a drastic roll or dive movement sideways, forwards or backwards, this helps players get out of the way of a grenade or get to far away cover more quickly, but takes about 2 seconds for players to recover from the move and be able to fire their weapons/use abilities. It also drains a lot of their energy and puts them in crouch position after the dodge animation has completed.

2. Circle or triangle (ps4) is the jump/climb object button
• Clicking it lets the player perform a short jump to scale small objects
Holding lets players climb medium sized objects at cost of energy.

Standard units all have the same amount of health. Instead, their speed, recover and energy levels vary, With exception of the Heavy trooper that has a slight health boost over the other troops (standard health for troops should be equal to battlefront 1 by EA and damage balance for weapons should resemble that one more than the weapons and health system in Battlefront 2 which is genuinely horribly imbalanced and unpredictable.)

A new card system which blends universal and class specific card slots should be implemented, more on than in the next section. Boost cards are basically temporary boosts to health recovery rate and stuff like that, these are not "trait cards", no trait cards should be available, only temporary boosts.

1. Infantry (Assault): (standard balanced trooper useful in all situations)
• Has a good balance speed, recovery and energy.
• Can equip two Grenade cards
• Primary weapon is a medium blaster
• Can also equip sidearm or boost card

2. Heavy Infantry (good for more defensive gameplay, providing backing fire for advancing players)
• Has a slight maximum health boost, slower speed, medium recovery, looses energy more quickly when dodging.
• Can equip one Grenade card
• Second card slot contains equipment specific to this class and has things such as personal shield, sentry gun, rocket launchers.
• Primary weapon is a heavy blaster
• Can equip a boost card

3. Officer/commander (good for flanking and catching enemies off guard, also can be used to support friendlies)
• fast speed, slow recovery, standard energy
• First card slot is a grenade card
• Second card slot is a support card (Bacta tank, things like battle commands, squad shield)
• Third card slot is a boost card
• Primary weapon is a "sidearm"

4. Engineer (unique unit for a variety of tactical (I swear I'm not a nerd) options, weakness is due to short ranged primary, meaning without proper tactics the unit is vulnerable to advancing troops unless he has backup or his traps/auto-turrets set)
• normal speed, slow recovery and normal energy. (assault stats as reference point for "normal")
• First card slot is a Trap card (tripwire bomb, detonation bomb, ion trap, shock trap, dioxis trap)
• Second card slot is a Mechanical card (Sentry turrets, stationary turrets like in bf1, astromech droid)
• Primary weapon is a shotgun (EE-4, shock blaster, ect.)
• Can equip a boost card

5. Sniper (typical sniper rifles do not do 100% damage on headshots, more like 80%, snipers fire faster but weaker shots compared to battlefront 2)
• normal speed, normal recovery, above average energy efficiency
• First card slot is a sniper card (Thermal binoculars, homing missile, pulse rifle ect)
• Second card slot is a boost card
• Primary weapon is Sniper weapon
• Can equip a sidearm

6. Specialist
• Has normal Health, speed, recovery and energy.
• First card slot can be any type of card except "specialist" (sounds ironic but trust me it makes sense) and HEAVY star cards (in other words, can equip any card that's normally class specific, except heavy)
• Second card slot is a specialist card (Jump pack, glide pack, active cloak, scrambler, grappling hook as seen in EP 1 the Phantom Pen Taste)
• Primary weapon can be any weapon, however, heavy blasters and snipers cause the unit have slower speed and drain energy quicker, primary blaster can also be a sidearm for increased speed and energy efficiency.
• Third card slot can be a boost card or a sidearm/additional sidearm.

In addition to three custom loadouts for each class, there is also one additional "Elite" loadout for each class expect for the specialist. The Elite troopers have the same loadout options, but cost battlepoints to use and in return offer a small amount of additional base health, speed, recovery and/or energy (perhaps tweakable by player preference for each class, or maybe locked by class)
Star Cards
most of these have already been put into the games, but there's some new ideas as well in there

No more star card upgrades, just one unlock.

1. Grenade Cards
• Thermal Detonator
• Smoke grenade
• Shock Grenade (slows movement, prevents dodging and reduces accuracy of affected players)
• Dioxis Grenade (gradual damage, decreases effects trooper energy)
• Ion Grenade (effective against shields, vehicles and turrets)
• Flash Grenade
• Cluster grenade (if thrown into air it can cover a wide area with small damage)
• Impact Grenade
• Scan Grenade (Reveals enemies in radios around grenade to ally players for a while)
* Scramble grenade

2. Heavy Cards
• Light Sentry gun (mobile, fast firing, semi accurate, most effective against troopers and heros, not very effective against vehicles and shields)
• Heavy sentry gun (Slow when equipped, not as fast, more accurate, more effective towards vehicles, doesn't last as long.)
• Rocket Launcher (Single shot, slight aim aid toward vehicles, slows movement when holding)
• Light Rocket launcher (Fires two shots, faster projectile, no aim aid, does not affect movement speed, less powerful against vehicles but good on troopers)
• Barrage (3 round grenade launcher, hold and release to detonate)
• Smoke Barrage (3 round smoke grenade launcher)

3. Support Cards
• Bacta tank ( disperses bacta like a smoke bomb for a while and heals anyone within it's radios for a while)
• Discharge (disables incoming grenades, barrage and traps ect. For some time Vulnerable to shock grenade and ion grenade)
• Overcharge ( increases allies blaster damage and reduces overheating for some time)
• Ability recharge (increases card recharge rate for nearby allies)
• Battlepoint (Increases battlepoints earned for kills and assists for players standing in area, 10% maximum health boost)
• Scan beacon (reveals enemy player through near by walls for players standing in radios)
• Scramble beacon (Scrambles near by players radar, causes visual noise on enemies screens in direct proximity)

4. Trap Cards
• Trip laser trap (trip laser bomb, automatically detonates when enemy touches laser, explosion is quick , and explodes linearly.
• Explosive trap (manually triggered proximity bomb, explosion is quick and circular.)
• Ion Trap (Automatically detonates when a enemy shield, vehicle, or turret comes within its radios, and is most effective towards those things)
• Dioxis trap (Manually triggered dioxis trap, caused damage and reduces energy.)
• Shock Trap (automatically triggered shock grenade effect)

5. Mechanical Cards (these cards to the Engineer a few seconds to set up and can be repaired by the engineer)
• Stationary turret (turret that can be operated only by the engineer, Slow firing, high damage)
• Stationary turret 2 (same as above, fast firing, lower damage)
• Auto Turret (Infantry Sentry)
• Auto Ion turret (Vehicle Sentry)
• Astromech (follows player, fires a rapid but weak sidearm)

6. Sniper Cards
• ***** Rifle (fires up to 3 shots, charges, does 50%-80%(?) damage on body shots, 100% head shots)
• Thermal Binoculars (reveals and marks enemies)
• Homing missile (homes on troopers)
• Tracking dart (fires a tracker a long distance, works like a scan grenade)
• Poison Dart (Fires up to two long distance and powerful poison darts)

7. Specialist Cards
• Jump Pack (medium jump pack, two charges, less powerful than it use to be though)
• Hover Pack (allows hover movement like Boba Fett but for much shorter period of time, slow)
• Active Cloak (Grants invisibility like appearance, more noticeable when moving)
• Mobile Scrambler (Scrambles near by enemies radar, causes visual noise on enemies extremely close, radios moves with player for some time)
• Grapple (Lets specialists climb larger objects, and all objects more quickly, can also be used to pull enemies down cliffs and over short objects/out of cover)

8. Boost cards
• Ability recharge (temporarily increases card recharge rate)
• Recover recharge (Temporarily increase health recharge rate)
• Resistance charge (Temporarily increases maximum health)
• Adrenaline charge ((temporarily improves movement speed and makes dodge moves faster)
• Focus charge (increases energy recovery rate and boosts radar precision)


Still thinking about gameplay ideas, but there should be a playlist for 20 on 20 "objective playlist" for gameplay that is more linear and guided like walker Assault, and there should be a 20vs 20 or 40 vs 40 "strategy playlist" for stuff like battlefield 1's conquest and a new more advanced type of turning point.

those are the two main playlists, then there's the small team playlist for stuff like blast and small map supremacy gamemode like 2015 battlefront. the supremacy game mode would actually be more better suited for small teams and small maps without selectable spawn points.

space playlist.

multiplayer maps should be used a lot more efficiently.


  • so anyways, one gameplay idea is the "Hero Blast" mode which is 2 heros vs. two villains and the round can be one by either eliminating the opposing teams heros/villains or reaching a trooper kill cap. Which is what I think we all thought Hero Showdown was suppose to be.

    and then the other one issss:
    1. Invasion
    • Attackers must guide their "Capture units" (droidekas/super battle droids Separatists) (Jedi Knights/Wookies for Republic) to capture control points and progress through the map.
    • Attackers have a limited number of "Capture Units" If the defenders kill/destroy the attackers reserve of capture units they win. Capture unit reserves increase when attackers capture a sector. Defenders can also win if the clock runs out before the attackers have captured all sectors.
    • Attackers cannot capture a control point without at least one Capture Unit in the zone, if there is more than one, the capture rate will go quicker, the only way for defenders to stop them from capturing a zone is to kill the capture units in the zone or force them to retreat. Basically: Capture units are the only units that affect the progress of zone captures, other units simply have to protect their capture units, they do not need to be in the zone they are capturing, and enemy presence in a zone does not slow down it's capture progress
    • Attackers are paired in groups of 5, one player from each group must be playing as a capture unit at all times.
    • There can be one or several capture zones in a sector, attackers will have to capture all of them in order to increase their capture unit reserves, add time to the clock, and progress to the next sector. Attackers cannot lose a capture zone after they have taken it.
    • Hero/villain character may be implemented in some way

    Capture units are powerful and strong but not super powerful.
    Whether the capture units are droidekas, battledroids, jedi knights or wookies will depend on the map being played.

    A variation of this mode with hero's taking the place of capture units or incorporating hero/villains in a different way might be interesting as whale.

    The OTHER one is a more complicated version of turning point, where there's a 3,2,1,2,3 capture point setup and the teams must capture both capture points to proceed to the next area, and three capture points at the last stage. the team that is "defending" has to capture less bases than the opposing team to advance, but still have to be defense conscious. Winning team captures the final 3 places or holds the majority of capture points at the end of the time limit.
  • If we are talking about bf3 just no. I'm sure you put a lot of thought into this but i can't read it. They need to keep updating bf2
  • tts42572
    1162 posts Member
    If we are talking about bf3 just no. I'm sure you put a lot of thought into this but i can't read it. They need to keep updating bf2

    My thoughts too. With how they've approached BF2, I'm not sure there is anything they can do to convince me to buy BF3 at this point.

    They could just start BF3 by having more cards, weapons, modes and stats. That alone would make it a huge improvement over BF2.
  • Casscaden
    987 posts Member
    edited June 2018
    Anything is an improvement over battlefront 2, the sooner we have 3 the better.
  • Llunotts
    281 posts Member
    No BF3 please. It just been a year and a half that BF1 released content and less than a year that BF2 released. Stop with BF3.
  • Snake56
    53 posts Member
    edited June 2018
    Battlefront 3 already? The "first" one was awful, the second one got worse and prove that Dice doesn't understand Battlefront.
    If you want a Bf3 then the first thing to do is to get rid of the star cards and let people have fun with that big franchise before Disney completely destroy it.
  • I was kind of making a joke about working on BF3 so early on in BF2's days. But honestly BF2 was just so bad at release...…. I think a lot of the maps on Battlefront 2 are poorly optimized for gameplay, like, they're beautiful, but terrible to play on. For battlefront 3 I wouldn't even mind playing some maps that were originally on bf2 but have been drastically edited to improve gameplay. There's wayyyy too much open space on battlefront 2 maps with no cover and other areas are just a total cluster f****

    the other thing I want to mention is that heros should come in two classes, weaker heros like Han Solo and boba fett could be available for less battlepoints, while heros like Darth Vader and Obi Wan can cost more. Heros are already incredibly imbalanced, so separating them into two groups, one that's less powerful but cheaper, and one class of heros that cost a lot of credits but are really genuinely strong would be awesome. In bf2 all heros feel kind of underpowered imo (except maybe bossk), so improving hero gameplay would be great.

    I think basically it should be non jedi/non sith are the lower class, while the jedi and sith are the uber strong ones. maybe limit the jedi/ sith to one unit at a time on each side and the lower class heros up to 3 or four.

    which also means: more heros like jango fett, padme, Jyn erso, mace windu, blah blah blah

    I think with this system bf3 may actually be able to fit all the hero characters that we deserve, and maybe isolate available heros to the era they are a part of. (Luke is only available during empire vs rebels, Anakin only during clone wars, for example.)
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