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Changing Skins Between Matches. It Just Has to Happen.

As the title suggests, in my opinion, being able to change your skin in between matches is a feature that must be implemented. It may seem trivial to some, but why shell out these credits and/or cash for skins that you can’t even use on their appropriate maps?

If I purchase a Hoth Han, I would like to be able to use him on, you know, Hoth? I’m a skin fanatic. I was in Battlefront 2015 and I most definitely am in this game, but not being able to change your skin pre-match is pretty absurd. Nobody should have to leave their lobby to equip a skin. I get all excited when Endor comes up in the rotation so I can finally use my 40K Endor Leia skin, only to spawn in as HOTH Leia. Do you know how humid it is on Endor in June?

I’m loving this communication from @F8RGE, I’m looking forward to hearing about the remainder of the Season 2 content, but I feel strongly that this is a detail that should not be overlooked. In my opinion, it should have been worked on and added before being able to use skill points in between matches.

With skins now being the main source of income for Battlefront 2, I think it’s important that this feature be added as soon as possible. It’ll be a lot easier to justify skin purchases knowing we’ll be able to use them as they were intended.

Also, how hawt is that Boushh skin? Just phenomenal.

PSN: BucksawBoushh
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