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Please Make Emotes & Skins Milestone (Not Timed Challenge) Rewards

4886 posts Member
edited May 2018
Two things I love in this game are emotes and skins.

Now, this may be a somewhat selfish thread, but I personally think it’s both a reasonable and logical request. I think emotes and skins should be rewards for Milestones, and NOT for the Timed Challenges.

I’m sure I’m not alone here, but due to work I’m rarely able to complete any of these Timed Challenges. I missed all of the Hoth skin challenges, twice each. I’ll also be missing all 3 of the Season 1.5 emote challenges.

It appears as if they’re saving emotes for challenges. That’s all fine and dandy, but I think since Milestones are much more challenging, and more importantly, they don’t expire, these emotes and skins should be used as rewards here as opposed to rewards for Timed Challenges.

I’m not saying it’s “unfair” and I’m not over here stomping my feet when I miss out on an emote, but I think it would be a welcomed trade off for those that don’t always have access to the game when these challenges pop up.

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  • MWB33
    1385 posts Member
    I second this idea...especially for hero emotes, the forgotten aspect of emotes.

    They could've put 4 milestones per hero instead of 2, tiered them appropriately, and made each of the hero emotes a reward.
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  • Jello770
    5592 posts Member
    I think they should be for emotes and victory poses, as skins are their money maker :#
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  • I think they should just let us buy the ones we want with credits or crystals as I'm only missing a few hero ones, all the challenges are rubbish for me
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