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Battlefront 1 all maps single player

Remember the extra $60 I gave you guys for a season pass when I bought your game? I haven't been able to play any of the Scarif maps at all. No one is playing this on line. PLEASE GIVE US ACCESS TO ALL THE DLC MAPS in single player! We know you can do this!


  • Here is the issue with Online only games. It is up to others if you get to play the game or not. EA doesn't care about how long you can play the game. Just how long they can nickel and dime players with stup!d skins.

    I think it sucks that you can't play the maps that you want on a game that you bought, along with the season pass.
  • Definately agree
  • tommytom64
    1072 posts Member
    I wish a couple of developers would do this on the side as well, but unfortunately I don't think this will ever happen. EA probably wants this game to be forgotten.
  • I don't think they'll update anything at this point. Maybe they could make all the DLC for free? Still, I'm not sure if there are enough players to fill matches if they spread them out across the DLC.

    I do miss DLC maps though - cloud city and scarif were my favourite.
  • All map access should be provided. I paid for it all too, and I don't think I should have to pay to play online. Give me the maps to play offline.
    I am an OFFLINE gamer.
  • For offline play, at least give us the interior death star maps and Bespin. Take away that space requirement for the death start interior first.
  • Yes, give us at least some SPACE maps for offline play...
    Pretty please?

    I'm an oldskool (original trilogy) Star Wars fan and I looove this game!!! It's a dream come true!
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