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When are we getting more guns and starcards?

I know everything else is taking forever to make, but the game could really use a new gun per class and maybe a new starcard per class. What I loved about EA STWB1 was the almost unlimited possibilities when it came to guns and starcards and your setup. Now you basically choose between 3 weapons, because the starter one is useless.


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    I agree.
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    That Specialist rework was disappointing.

  • Let players pick up guns from dead players before their body dissapears.
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  • Default blasters need 3 unlockable mods added.
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  • Default blasters need 3 unlockable mods added.

    And to be their own individual weapons.
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  • The only thing they are going to make at this point are skins. Maybe one or 2 maps, but that is it. Skins are where they nickel and dime the player, so that is what they are going to continue to make.

    This is why I can't support buying skins. 99% of the time, all that buying skins leads to is them making and selling even more skins. Rarely does buying skins leads to new "playable content". It just leads to more skins for sale.
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